Microsurgery Specialist

Dr. Anthony Ahn specializes in complex, delicate surgeries of the hand, often done as part of the microsurgery service. As the Chief of the Hand Surgery Service at Harbor UCLA, he keeps up to date on the latest technology involving microsurgery. Dr. Ahn is board certified in Orthopedic and Hand Surgery, as well.

What is microsurgery?

Microsurgery is a specialized surgical discipline that requires great training. It combines magnification with advanced microscopes, specialized precision tools specifically for surgical use, and various operating techniques. It is primarily used to anastomose small blood vessels and to coapt nerves.
The main purpose of this type of surgery are transplant tissue and to reattach amputated parts. Microsurgery service is critical in limb saving tasks like re-attachments

Who might need microsurgery?

It is generally associated with some type of traumatic injury or with reconstructive surgery. For example, a machine shop worker who accidentally cuts off his finger would require microsurgery for re-attachment. Microsurgery is used for free tissue transfer, as well.

Why is microsurgery necessary?

It is necessary with re-attachments and plastic surgery to connect all the tiny structures correctly. Since the human body is a vast network of capillaries, small blood vessels, and nerves. The specialized microscope allows the doctor to manage anastomosis, or reconnection, of these tiny structures of under 1 mm in diameter that cannot be seen with the naked eye.