Arthritis Specialist

Dr. Ahn starts with nonoperative treatments for arthritis with multiple treatment modalities. Many patients can find good relief with non-surgical options. If symptoms persist, Dr. Ahn specializes in minimally invasive procedures that can return patients to increased function and decrease pain.

Arthritis can be caused by many factors, some genetic component, the amount of activity over a lifetime, any trauma sustained, or inflammatory conditions. Some combination of these factors can cause swelling, pain, and breakdown of the cartilage surfaces of the joints.

What options are available with arthritis treatment services?

Bracing Therapy NSAIDS Topicals Supplements Injections

When does arthritis require surgery?

Surgery becomes an option when more conservative treatments don’t help. It is typically a decision made by the patient, not by Dr. Ahn. When the symptoms are enough to impact the quality of life, surgery can be a good option to regain function and ability to return to activities.